7/29/18  12 Ordinary Men: Matthew the Tax Collector  Pastor Doug preaches God’s transformational power that takes the outcast tax collector to be one of Christ’s apostles, who even writes one of the Gospel books.

7/22/2018  Alex Valdivia from Brazil gives personal testimonies as well as encouraging us to seek a closer relationship with God.

7/15/2018 Edgard Miliace from Haiti gives update on Church of God missions in that country.

7/8/2018  12 Ordinary Men: Nathanael the Guileless One  Pastor Ed preaches about Nathanael overcoming prejudice by seeking the truth.

7/1/2018  12 Ordinary Men: Philip the Bean Counter  Pastor Doug preaches about overcoming practicality with faith.

6/24/2018  12 Ordinary Men: John, The Apostle of Love Pastor Doug preaches on John who wrote of God’s great love for us.

6/17/2018   12 Ordinary Men: James the Great  Pastor Doug preaches on  James and his “special” qualities.

6/10/2018  12 Ordinary Men: Andrew   Pastor Ed speaks how God used humility and quiet obedience of Andrew’s life to bring people to Jesus.

6/3/2018  12 Ordinary Men: Peter  Pastor Doug presents “snapshots” of Peter’s life that shows how God uses ordinary people for His purposes.

5/27/2018  Common Men, Uncommon Calling  Pastor Doug introduces a sermon series on the disciples: 12 ordinary men called by God to do extraordinary things. God also calls us.