4/8/2018  Who Is Jesus?  Who do you say Jesus is? Pastor Ed preaches on John 20:24-31 and who “Doubting Thomas” declared Jesus to be.

4/1/2018   The Ultimate Spring Cleaning  The One who can sweep out death and decay from the tomb can certainly clean out the mess in us. Pastor Doug gives the Easter message based on John 20:1-8.

3/25/2018   Clearing Our Temple  We are the temples of the Holy Spirit. What is the Spirit telling us He wants removed from His dwelling place? Pastor Doug preaches on Mark 11:12-19

3/18/2018  Are You a Hoarder?  What “trash” are you holding on to that holds you back from being who God wants you to be? Pastor Ed preaches on Psalm 51

3/11/2018  Rising Above the Yeast As Christians we need to stand guard over our hearts so that we will not be corrupted. Pastor Doug preaches on Matthew 16:5-12

3/4/2018  Swept Clean, but Dirtier  You can’t clean your life yourself, only by God and His grace. Pastor Doug preaches on Matthew 12:38-45


 Archived sermon series:

Pastor Doug’s sermon series on “Keeping the Faith …When God Doesn’t Make Sense

During the 2015 season of Lent, Pastor Doug and Pastor Ed preached on the Seven Deadly Sins.