1/20/2019  A Name Change  Pastor Doug discusses what it means for God to give us a new name, using Isaiah 62:1-5 as a reference.

1/13/2019  Sorry. Video not available.

1/6/2019  The Wise Still Seek Him  On this Epiphany Sunday Pastor Doug uses Matthew 2:1-12 to see what the Wise Men did in seeking the Christ, so we can follow their example.

12/30/2018  The Un-Unwrapped Gift  Have you unwrapped all of the gifts God has given you? Pastor Ed talks about unwrapping God’s gifts using 1 Peter 1:3-9 as examples.


Sermons for Advent 2018

12/23/2018  One Gift for All  On the last Sunday of Advent Pastor Doug looks at Hebrews 10:5-10 to see God’s love in the one gift for all.

12/16/2018  Joy in Knowing  On the third Sunday of Advent Pastor Ed looks at Luke 3:7-13 to find what we know that brings joy.

12/9/2018  Peace Treaty  On the second Sunday of Advent Pastor Doug tells of the PEACE treaty that God is offering every one of us. Luke 3:1-6.

12/2/2018  Signs of the Times  On the first Sunday of Advent Pastor Doug speaks about the HOPE we have in the sign of the times in Luke 21:25-36.

End of Advent sermons for 2018

11/15/2018  Christ, the King   Do you seriously take Christ as your king? Pastor Ed preaches on John 18:33-38.

11/18/2018  Thanksgiving  Sometimes it is hard to be thankful in difficult circumstances. Pastor Ed points out things to be thankful for as Christ talks about the End Times (Mark 13:1-8)

11/11/2018  All Some and Some All  Pastor Doug uses the story of the widow’s mite (Mark 12:38-44) to remind us that what is in our hearts is most important.

11/4/2018  Serious Relationships  Pastor Ed uses the beginning of the Story of Ruth (Ruth 1:1-18) to show the serious relationship between Naomi and Ruth. Do we take our relationship with God seriously?

10/28/2018  I Am Not, But I Know I AM  Pastor Doug teaches three points we learn from the final Chapter of the story of Job (Job 42:1-6).

10/21/2018  Presuming God  God reminds us in Job 38:1-7 that He is God. Pastor Doug gives three ways to be facing the mystery of God.

10/14/2018  The Great Commission  As part of pastor appreciation month, guest speaker Pastor Phil Scott teaches on Matthew 28:16-20 exhorting all of the people of Christ’s Church to go and make disciples.

A Series of Sermons on “Worship”

10/7/2018  The Good News in Worship  Pastor Doug talks about the Good News of and in worship, and that we worship together with all of our brothers in sisters in Christ when we celebrate the Lord’s Supper.

9/30/2018  Do You Take Worship Seriously?  Using the story of the woman at the well in John 4, Pastor Ed preaches about what it means to worship in spirit and in truth, to worship seriously.

9/23/2018  What is Worship? Pastor Doug encourages us to worship by answering the “why,” “what,”  “how, ” and results of worship.

9/16/2018  Expressions of Worship  Different forms and styles can be used as expressions of worship, if they come from the believers’ hearts. Pastor Doug uses Psalm 24 as the starting point for the second sermon in this series.

9/9/2018   Holy Ground   Pastor Doug starts this series with the story of Moses meeting God in the burning bush (Exodus 3:1-12). Where ever God is is holy ground.

9/2/2018   Be Lead by the Spirit  Pastor Ed preaches on the story of Philip and the Ethiopian (Acts 8:26-39) as an illustration of how we should also be led by the Spirit.

8/26/2018  From Generation to Generation  Pastor Doug uses Deuteronomy 6:1-9 to reveal our responsibilities as parents, churches, and Christians to pass on to our children our knowledge and experiences of being disciples of Christ.

Sermon series on the disciples of Christ

8/19/2018  12 Ordinary Men: Judas  Pastor Ed looks at the character and motives of Judas Iscariot and asks “What are our motives and the character of our relationship with Jesus?”

8/12/2018  12 Ordinary Men: James the Lessor, Simon the Zealot & Judas not Iscariot. Not much is written about these men in scripture, but as disciples of Christ they were 12 ordinary who became extraordinary servants of the Lord. And you, too, may be transformed in a similar way.

8/5/2018  Sermon on Thomas is not available. 

7/29/2018  12 Ordinary Men: Matthew the Tax Collector  Pastor Doug preaches God’s transformational power that takes the outcast tax collector to be one of Christ’s apostles, who even writes one of the Gospel books.

7/8/2018  12 Ordinary Men: Nathanael the Guileless One  Pastor Ed preaches about Nathanael overcoming prejudice by seeking the truth.

7/1/2018  12 Ordinary Men: Philip the Bean Counter  Pastor Doug preaches about overcoming practicality with faith.

6/24/2018  12 Ordinary Men: John, The Apostle of Love Pastor Doug preaches on John who wrote of God’s great love for us.

6/17/2018   12 Ordinary Men: James the Great  Pastor Doug preaches on  James and his “special” qualities.

6/10/2018  12 Ordinary Men: Andrew   Pastor Ed speaks how God used humility and quiet obedience of Andrew’s life to bring people to Jesus.

6/3/2018  12 Ordinary Men: Peter  Pastor Doug presents “snapshots” of Peter’s life that shows how God uses ordinary people for His purposes.

5/27/2018  Common Men, Uncommon Calling  Pastor Doug introduces a sermon series on the disciples: 12 ordinary men called by God to do extraordinary things. God also calls us.