6/10/2018  12 Ordinary Men: Andrew   Pastor Ed speaks how God used humility and quiet obedience of Andrew’s life to bring people to Jesus.

6/3/2018  12 Ordinary Men: Peter  Pastor Doug presents “snapshots” of Peter’s life that shows how God uses ordinary people for His purposes.

5/27/2018  Common Men, Uncommon Calling  Pastor Doug introduces a sermon series on the disciples: 12 ordinary men called by God to do extraordinary things. God also calls us.

5/20/2018  Missions Update    Denise Pritts gives an overview of the dental team work in Haiti, Adriana Andrus tells of her mission work at Connellsville High School with the Bible Club, and Darrin and Cathi McMillen present their mission work in Brazil.

5/13/2018  Showing Honor  Using various texts from scripture Pastor Doug explains how we show honor to our mothers (and fathers).